Volume 40, Issue 1, December 2006

From the Editor: Greetings once again from the Ozarks where winter has come with a vengeance, making the long hot summer seem pretty inviting. As the world continues to unravel in disarray, I’m reminded of lines from Auden: “Uncertain and afraid / As the clever hopes expire / Of a low dishonest decade / Waves of anger and fear / Circulate over the bright / And darkened lands of the earth.” With this world’s turmoil, it seems that interest in […]

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Volume 39, Issue 2, May 2006

A Message from the SSSL President It will be hard for me to follow Bill Andrews as president of the SSSL. Bill did much to set our house in order. Our funds are safely invested, our bib- liography is back in full operation, our last general meeting in Chapel Hill succeeded admirably in just about any way one might want to measure it, our presence on the Web is clearly established, and we are once again inves- tigating major projects […]

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Volume 39, Issue 1, December 2005

From the Editor: It’s not feeling too Southern today here in the Ozarks. Tonight’s forecast is clear with a low of 1 degree. Hmm. The hot, sultry South seems far away, and I’m reminded of the year I taught in Finland at the University of Helsinki. Finnish students were fascinated by Southern literature, mainly because of its exoticism. Finland lacks that. But I suppose Finns were also attracted to the idea of the penetrating Southern heat that knocks you over […]

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Volume 38, Issue 2, May 2005

From the Editor: Greetings from the Ozarks, one of those borderlands that postmodern thinking has made so popular to talk about. Fayetteville is not too postmodern but it is a city where South meets Midwest, where you find a columned mansion straight out of the Old South standing next to a brick mansion straight out of Ohio. Right up the road in Bentonville is the real postmodern borderlands, however. That’s where Wal-Mart headquarters is located. Enough said. It’s hard to […]

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Volume 38, Issue 1, December 2004

From the Editor: As we’re all well aware, one of the recent critical trends involves contextualizing Southern literature internationally, particularly with eyes looking southward toward Central and South America, including the Caribbean. To my thinking, such reconfigurations have come none too soon, for they compel us to rethink notions and perspectives about Southern–and more generally, regional–literature that, in having been accepted for so long, often get taken for granted and go unquestioned. If nothing else, as scholars and readers of […]

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Volume 37, Issue 2, May 2004

From the Editor: Oh, how the South is changing. A few weeks ago I went to Milledgeville, Georgia to give a lecture on Flannery O’Connor at Georgia College and State University. During a very enjoyable weekend, I visited the O’Connor farm, Andalusia, which when O’Connor lived there was four miles outside the edge of town. That was then. Now the O’Connor farm is almost in town, at least in terms of the businesses that are making their way out the […]

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