Volume 37, Issue 1, November 2003

From the Editor: Well, we did it. The Society has gone digital. I think our new system, with the Newsletter being received electronically, represents a big step forward for us, giving us much more flexibility in terms of getting information out and about and in terms of presenting ourselves to people interested in the organization. Do check out the new website and do make suggestions about what you’d like to see there (see Bill Andrews’ letter for details). We’re pretty […]

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Volume 36, Issue 1, November 2002

From the Editor: Winter looms in the Ozarks, as we send along a new issue of the Newsletter. I want first to announce that we now have two new assistant editors, Lori Bailey and Renée Farmer, both of whom are outstanding graduate students here at the University of Arkansas. As did their predecessors, Laura Lease and Melanie Simpson, Lori and Renée completed almost all of the work in putting the Newsletter together, and thus they deserve the credit for what […]

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Volume 36, Issue 2, April 2002

From the Editor: Summer is now upon us, the heat and humidity rolling in. I love it. I mean, how you could be interested in Southern literature and culture and not appreciate one of the region’s defining characteristics? Climate matters. I lived in Finland for a year. Believe me, climate matters. Jay Watson has just finished a year in Finland, and I’d bet he’d back me up on this. Right, Jay? This issue marks year two from Fayetteville, and for […]

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Here is an archive of past newsletters in PDF format. Click on a link to download the Newsletter. Spring 2009 Fall 2008 Spring 2008 Fall2007 Spring 2007 Fall 2006 Spring 2006 Fall 2005 Spring 2005 Fall 2004 Spring 2004 Fall 2003 Spring 2003 Fall 2002  

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