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SSSL Newsletters are published twice a year in May and November. The Newsletter keeps SSSL members up to date on Society programs and related current and future events sponsored by other organizations. The Newsletter informs the members of the SSSL as to what their colleagues are doing and offers an ongoing bibliography of notable scholarship published in southern studies.

Volume 48, Issue 2, November 2014

The Contemporary South Issue David A. Davis is Associate Professor of English and Director of Fellowships and Scholarships at Mercer University. With Tara Powell, he co-edited Writing in the Kitchen: Essays on Southern Literature and Foodways. Does the South still matter? A recent trend in southern studies has critiqued the existence of the South, suggesting that it is a social construction and that literary representations of the contemporary South reflect a simulacra of that social construction. These critiques undermine the myth of southern exceptionalism, […]

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Volume 48, Issue 1, May 2014

THE POETRY ISSUE David A. Davis is Associate Professor of English at Mercer University and Editor of the SSSL Newsletter. On the morning that I interviewed Kevin Young, the excellent webzine Bitter Southerner published their first selection of poetry. In the heading to the issue, the editor noted that southerners revere prose writers, listing a catechism of names—Faulkner, Warren, Welty, Wright, and so on. But the editor contends that “the work of our poets lives largely in academic literary journals, […]

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Volume 47, Issue 2, November 2013

The African American Studies Issue David A. Davis, editor of the SSSL Newsletter, is Assistant Professor of English and Southern Studies at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. All too often, the word “southerners” appears in print referring primarily to white conservatives. During the recent government shutdown, for example, several media outlets blamed southern politicians for resurrecting nullification, the Confederacy, obstructionism, and racism. Even though white conservatives come from all parts of the country and even though many politicians from the […]

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