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The Society for the Study of Southern Literature is a nonprofit organization founded in 1968 devoted to scholarship on writings and writers of the American South. Membership is open to all who have an interest in the literature of the South.

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The SSSL Newsletter is published twice annually, once in May and once in November. The Newsletter keeps SSSL members up to date on Society programs and related current and future events sponsored by other organizations. The Newsletter informs the members of the SSSL about their colleagues’ pursuits and offers an ongoing bibliography of notable scholarship published in southern studies.

Statement on Diversity

The Society for the Study of Southern Literature is committed to social equality, critical and rigorous discourse about the U.S. South, and the voices of writers from various backgrounds.

We contest revisionist versions of southern history and culture that white supremacists have used to maintain racial hierarchies, inequality, and injustice. We support scholarship that examines the multiplicity and heterogeneity of both the past and present South. We encourage dynamic critical dialogue that examines and expands the borders of the region; that analyzes the region’s history of settler colonialism, slavery, segregation, misogyny, violence, and nativism; that engages the region’s literature and culture; and that implements multiple theoretical and critical perspectives. We support others who advocate for diversity, community, inclusivity, and equality.

Read our June 2020 statement on the public protests against racism and police brutality here.

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With the mission of fostering the careers of graduate students, recent PhDs, lecturers, adjunct/visiting/assistant professors, and scholars new to the field of southern studies,  the ESO offers a range of opportunities to for networking, innovating, and sharing resources.