The Society for the Study of Southern Literature Newsletter

The SSSL Newsletter is published twice annually, once in the summer and once in the winter. The Newsletter keeps SSSL members up to date on Society programs and related current and future events sponsored by other organizations. The Newsletter informs the members of the SSSL about their colleagues’ pursuits and offers an ongoing bibliography of notable scholarship published in southern studies.

Volume 36, Issue 1, November 2002

From the Editor: Winter looms in the Ozarks, as we send along a new issue of the Newsletter. I want first to announce that we now have two new assistant editors, Lori Bailey and Renée Farmer, both of whom are outstanding graduate students here at the University of...

Volume 36, Issue 2, April 2002

From the Editor: Summer is now upon us, the heat and humidity rolling in. I love it. I mean, how you could be interested in Southern literature and culture and not appreciate one of the region’s defining characteristics? Climate matters. I lived in Finland for a year....

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Volume 54, Issue 1 July 2020

These are not issues divorced from what we do in SSSL. As scholars who study the South — both the U.S. and the Global and all the iterations between and beyond — we know all too well the histories of disease, labor, disenfranchisement, policing, and racism are neither in the past (to come perilously close to quoting Faulkner in my first newsletter as President) nor mutually exclusive. Rather, they are mutually constitutive. Studying the literature and other cultural productions of the region requires a deft understanding of how to hold these things, along with many others, in view and make these issues legible for students and the larger public.

Volume 53, Issue 2 February 2020

At the same time, this newsletter reminds us that thinking—and acting—beyond the status quo necessitates self-reflexivity regarding entrenched and persistent racism in southern studies.

Volume 53, Issue 1 June 2019

The SSSL conference CFP and contributors to this newsletter encourage us to actively think beyond traditional panel presentations, to ask ourselves hard questions, be uncomfortable, and—ultimately—to learn and change. As readers move through this newsletter, my hope is that you see possibilities not only for yourself but also for the larger field.

Volume 52, Issue 2 February 2019

Moreover, the SSSL constitution affirms that the Society is “committed to social equality and critical and rigorous discourse about the U.S. South. We are an anti-racist organization that contests historical revisionism, which white supremacists have used to maintain racial hierarchies, inequality, and injustice. We support scholarship that examines the heterogeneity of both the past and present South and that considers the borders of the region in expansive ways.

Volume 52, Issue 1 June 2018

The theme for this issue is “transitions,” a word more powerful to my ears at this moment abbreviated, made “trans” in order to gesture toward the work we must to do to transcend and transform our organization in ways that transfer privilege, translate our work to the public sphere, and transpose who is being listened to and why. I invite your feedback, initiatives, and ideas, and I welcome your investment in the work ahead.