Accessing SSSL 2022 Conference Online

Tips for navigating SSSL 2022 virtually as a presenter, moderator, or attendee!

*Please note, Whova is not compatible with Safari. Do not use Safari to access your session. We strongly recommend Google Chrome to ensure optimal performance.

Quick Link to SSSL 2022’s Whova Conference Page:

Accessing SSSL 2022 Zoom Sessions in Whova as Presenter, Moderator, or Attendee

  1. On your computer, open any web browser — except Safari. (Safari is not compatible with Whova. We recommend Google Chrome.)
  2. Register for SSSL 2022: The email you set up at registration is the one you’ll use to login to your Whova account!
  3. Login to Whova’s SSSL 2022 Page.
    • If you are presenting, we recommend using the desktop version in your web browser — anyone except Safari!!
    • If you are attending, you can jump on a session directly from your Whova mobile app!
  4. From the SSSL 2022 Home Page in Whova, select “Agenda > Sessions” in the left side menu.
  5. In the SSSL Agenda, search for your desired session by either selecting the event day or typing the title, speaker name, or location into the search bar at the top.
  6. Click the title of the session you would like to join.
  7. Once in the session, you’ll see the livestream window in the center. This is a Zoom meeting, and once you “Join Session,” this livestream will look exactly like the Zoom sessions you have used before.
  8. Note: Zoom will automatically mute the camera and microphone for EVERYONE (presenters, moderators, and attendees).
    • Presenters and Moderators: please keep these muted until you are ready for the in-person meeting room to hear and see you. The zoom stream sound & audio are live constantly in the Hyatt meeting rooms.
    • Attendees only: please keep your camera and mic muted the entire session. To ask a question of the panelists or add a comment, please type your question/comment into the “Q&A” messaging feature on the right side (Q&A, Polls, Chat, and Community).
  9. Presenting Online with Media? Simply use the “Share Screen” feature as you would in a normal Zoom meeting. All Zoom functionality in Whova is identical to the Zoom program.
  10. Handouts, Slides, Videos, and Other Session Materials: If the panelists have uploaded media to share with the audience, those will be hosted below the Zoom window in the session beneath the list of speakers.
    • You may easily navigate between playing videos and the livestream at any time during the session. Just remember that while in the session, you may only watch either the Zoom livestream or a posted video at a time.
  11. Access this Whova Test Session before your event to familiarize yourself with how Zoom works within the session.
    • Every Hyatt meeting room will have its own dedicated laptop streaming the Zoom in Whova on a projector and speaker.

Tips for Moderators

  1. Open the session by reading the “Moderator Script” that SSSL will provide in room and via email (forthcoming). It includes a land acknowledgement and instructions for all participants (in-person and virtual) on how the hybrid session will run.
  2. Begin with virtual presenters first. Then, move to in-person presenters. This streamlines the logistical shift between presentation modes.
  3. Remind presenters to keep the 10-12 minutes time limit, and hold them accountable. This ensures those who are presenting last are not disadvantaged because an earlier presenter ran beyond their allocated time.
    • Note: If you have 3 or fewer presenters, the 10-12 minutes limit can be extended slightly. Please just remember that hybrid panels require more time shifting between modalities, and we also want to protect the 15 minutes of Q&A at the end.
  4. Use “Zoom etiquette” for this event as you would normally.
    • Remind virtual presenters to stay muted until it is time for them to speak. Then, mute again while others are presenting.
    • Remind virtual attendees to:
      • keep their cameras and microphones muted the entire time (they are auto-muted upon login).
      • use the Q&A features to the right side of the screen to post their questions during Q&A.
  5. Be sure to monitor the Q&A and Chat in Whova (app or desktop) to ensure you don’t neglect virtual attendees. They will type their questions into the Q&A window and post comments in the Chat window.
    • Most especially: If there are any technical issues with A/V, the chat window is where attendees will report it. Please ensure someone in the room is monitoring to ensure virtual attendees can hear and see what is happening in person.
  6. Please restate questions/comments by in-person attendees into the microphone at the presentation desk to ensure the virtual audience knows what the in-person audience has asked.
  7. Access this Whova Test Session before your event to familiarize yourself with how Zoom works within the session.
    • Every Hyatt meeting room will have its own dedicated laptop streaming the Zoom in Whova on a projector and speaker.

FAQs: Zoom, Whova, & Pulling-Off a Hybrid SSSL 2022

First off, thank you to everyone for your patience and flexibility as we work to execute SSSL’s first-ever hybrid conference. While we started this conference with much research on the modality, most of what we now know about hybrid conferencing has come from advice from other academic organizations, tech support from Whova, and good old fashioned trial-and-error. Thank you for continuing to make SSSL a collaborative, constructive conferencing environment in this brave new world of conferencing! Below are some of the most common question’s we’ve received. If these don’t answer your questions, please email us at [email protected]. See you in Atlanta or online!

  • Oh no! I used to be able to access SSSL 2022 in Whova, but now I can’t. What happened?
    • You need to process SSSL 2022 Registration.
    • On Saturday, June 25, the Conference Planners are removing access to SSSL 2022 in Whova for all speakers who have not processed registration. This is an online security measure that will ensure only legitimately registered conference goers with a login and password can access Zoom links to the sessions in Whova. This policy will protect our programming from internet trolls.
    • Still have questions? Email [email protected].
  • Something came up! Can I change my attendance from in-person to virtual at the last minute?
    • Yes! All rooms & concurrent sessions are already set up for hybrid modality. If you have to switch to virtual attendance at the last minute, your session is already equipped to handle that! Just register for the conference, log into Whova, and click the streaming link in your session’s agenda item.
  • I’m confused: I see Whova in some places and Zoom in another. How will I access or present at SSSL 2022 virtually?
    • All SSSL 2022 session livestreams are hosted by Zoom, and links to access those Zoom livestreams are already posted to all sessions in Whova’s Agenda. On the desktop version of Whova in your web browser, the livestream embedded in the session looks exactly like Zoom — because it IS Zoom!
    • In short, if you have presented on Zoom before, you already know how to present virtually at SSSL 2022! Just log into Whova (we recommend the desktop if you are presenting), navigate to your session in the Agenda, click the streaming link, and Zoom will open within the Whova website on your web browser. To present: unmute your camera & mic, click “share screen” (if desired), and start talking. You can test out online presenting with this practice session:
  • How long should my presentation run? I’m currently at 25 minutes . . .
    • Yikes! Please trim down your presentation to 10-12 minutes maximum (shorter for roundtables, a bit longer for those with 3 or fewer presenters).
    • We realize 10-12 minutes is a short length, but in consulting with other conferences that have gone hybrid, they all wished they had shortened paper time because shifts between online and in-person presenters cut into presenter times, and those who went last were disproportionately cut short (or unable to present at all, in a few cases). In the spirit of fairness, we are trying to ensure all presenters have the same amount of time to present, even with the additional time needed to run a panel in hybrid modality.
  • Help! I’m having A/V trouble in my session!
    • If you’re reading this before your session, please test out online presenting with this practice session to spot easy-to-avoid issues on the day of your event:
    • If you’re in your session, contact us!
      • Fastest: Having trouble with Zoom? Ask a fellow attendee or presenter who is savvy with Zoom!
      • Very Fast: Walk to the SSSL Info Desk in they Hyatt, lobby level, Avalon Foyer.
      • Still Pretty Fast: Call SSSL Program Coordinator Stephanie Rountree at 904-252-4451.
      • Somewhat Fast: Email us at [email protected].