SSSL’s Conference Vision

Ethical Investment: To the maximum extent possible, SSSL will invest in venues and vendors that are owned by people from historically marginalized backgrounds and that benefit historically marginalized communities, especially those local to the conference site. Given our commitment to challenge all aspects of white supremacy in our organization, SSSL is particularly committed to investing in Black, brown, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, immigrant, and immigrant-descendent communities.

Accessibility: SSSL will expand conference infrastructure and programming to enhance participant access regardless of disability, health status, financial status, or institutional stature. SSSL’s commitment to accessibility includes access to a safe conferencing experience that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, abuse, assault, or otherwise hostile behavior, especially those resulting from an imbalance of power (e.g., harassment of junior/emerging scholars, targeting participants from a marginalized group). 

Sustainability: The SSSL Program Committee is committed to good environmental stewardship. To the maximum extent possible, the Committee will plan conference operations with attention to reducing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions caused by travel and transportation, eliminating non-biodegradable waste, reducing energy use onsite, and securing catered foods from a local and eco-friendly source.